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The story of the Uckfield Theatre Guild began in 1994 when a small group of local people with a mutual interest in singing, acting and performing gathered to pursue their interests further. Inevitably, this generated interest from other residents and soon the membership of the Uckfield Theatre Guild increased, leading to the first performance in 1995 of The Music Man.

Following the success of the first performance, the ambitions of the Uckfield Theatre Guild were strong and for 5 years subsequently, two performances were rehearsed and performed throughout the course of the year, including such classics such as Oklahoma!Carousel and The Pirates of Penzance. Unfortunately the costs of production were soon felt and such regular performances were not financially feasible which resulted in the Uckfield Theatre Guild choosing to perform only one production per year, however this allowed the cast to focus on making each production bigger and better than the last.

Some two decades on and the Uckfield Theatre Guild continues to maintain its quality productions which continually surpass the local community’s expectations for amateur musical theatre. Recent successes include Hello Dolly in 2009, Oliver! in 2014 and Half A Sixpence in April 2015. Although, like all community groups, the Uckfield Theatre Guild relies heavily on the contribution of its members and its audience to continue providing fantastic opportunities, for amateurs in Uckfield and the surrounding areas, to get involved with all aspects of musical theatre production.

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